BluWave-ai’s energy optimization platform delivers cost savings while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Predicts and optimizes renewable energy generation and energy consumption

AI models execute decisions faster and more efficiently than conventional, rules-based  programming and human utility operators

Platform intelligently controls assets and gets smarter the longer it operates by continuously learning from operational data

Reduces net energy costs
up to 20%

Reduces fossil fuel use, resulting in lower GHG emissions

Battery control optimizes battery life to reduce or delay future purchases

Makes existing renewable energy supplies more available

Uses a combination of external data sources, such as weather forecasts and simulations, for specific project sites worldwide

Cloud-based, hardware agnostic platform is compatible with existing systems already deployed

BluWave-ai Edge and Center


BluWave-ai offers an AI-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allowing for rapid deployment with a low upfront cost and immediate operating savings. BluWave-ai’s platform uses the latest power systems and machine-learning theory, and is tailored to the most up-to-date needs of smart grids, microgrids and electric vehicle fleets. It is purpose-built for these energy industry applications, and is free of the limitations other legacy products may have.


The platform consumes data from grid IoT devices (sensors, meters) and delivers quasi-real-time dispatch commands. It is predictive, performing analytics on incoming data, discovering patterns, and improving its performance as it operates and, unlike conventional optimization systems, adapts to changing situations. The BluWave-ai distributed platform consists of two modules, BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center.

BluWave-ai Edge provides a distributed input and control interface across the grid’s or fleet’s operation. The platform hosts a powerful predictive optimizer that incorporates solar PV output data and energy pricing, among other factors. The predictive optimizer incorporates fixed parameters, like service agreements, as well as variables such as renewables generation and battery state of charge.

BluWave-ai Center coordinates Edge modules throughout the system. It uses real-time operational data to continuously improve the AI models to optimize energy costs and other operational goals. BluWave-ai Center coordinates across all Edges for system-wide optimized energy management. The Center also provides a user-friendly dashboard for wide-area network operational observability and controllability.














BluWave-ai Dashboard:

  • Visibility of same day and next day load predictions, such as of wind or solar PV generation. This enables the customer to plan ahead as well as gauge how accurate past predictions were.
  • Situational awareness of real-time system status, showing current and recent history of SCADA readings. This enables the customer to see trends across different features, for example, a building load versus solar generation.
  • Live readings from field devices and sensors. This provides the customer with a view across the grid edges, as the system receives data and acts in real-time on the data.

BluWave-ai leverages industry standard technologies to ensure interoperability with SCADA and IoT devices, and to work with external data sources such as weather, planned schedules, event signals, market pricing, and performance objectives.

BluWave-ai’s innovative approach is backed by one granted United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and multiple other active USPTO applications.


Customers appreciate the clarity and quantifiable benefits demonstrated through our low-risk, multi-phase deployment process. It starts with an opportunity assessment and AI model building service based on historical or simulated data. This initial phase includes a survey of site assets and computing and communications infrastructure, and plans for the connection of sensors and data conditioning. This assessment can be either the first phase of deployment or a standalone service. Read more about deployment.



BluWave-ai’s customers and partners report significant economic and environmental returns on their investments.  For a municipality in a state like California, where there is a strong renewables mandate and penetration, significant user load, and high energy costs, typical energy savings are in the range of $US 2M/year.

The environmental benefits are also significant. For every percentage increase in renewable energy used, customers realize at least an equivalent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions relative to power derived from fossil fuel sources.

Then there are the qualitative benefits, including improved grid resilience and protection of the local energy supply from extreme weather and cyber-attacks, and reduced exposure to volatility in the global energy supply market.  

BluWave-ai’s team of AI and data scientists, business analysts, and smart grid engineers can assess your project or existing system and determine the appropriate AI-based control and optimization solution to maximize economic benefits and operational reliability for your unique environment.


Senior Director of Technology, Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, gives an overview of BluWave-ai's AI-enabled software and how it fits into the overall energy industry.

(Video is an extract from the Global Energy Transmission Summit: Post-COVID Strategies)

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