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When your operations are off-grid and reliant on local energy resources, optimizing those costs can contribute directly to the bottom line. Integrating renewables to their full potential can too, and BluWave-ai can help.

Low-Risk, Multi-Phased Onboarding Process

To help you evaluate and quantify the benefits of using the BluWave-ai solution in your unique operation, we offer an opportunity assessment service as either a first phase of our product deployment process or a standalone service. Learn more about our deployment process.


With BluWave-ai, remote industrial sites and remote off-grid communities can better take advantage of their renewable energy assets to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels (typically diesel generation), with the resulting economic and environmental benefits.  

The platform generates AI-assisted predictions of generation, load and optimized use of energy storage and dispatchable generation. Armed with this real-time data, microgrid operators are able to reduce the use of diesel or other generation and as a result reduce their operating expenses.  

Intelligent management of storage and diesel generator cycling is another opportunity to improve the economics since it translates into less storage and generation capacity required upfront, reducing capital expenditures. BluWave-ai also helps maximize battery energy storage and diesel generator lifetime, to optimize the longevity of these assets and reduce and/or delay future purchases.


BluWave-ai Edge at the off-grid microgrid site provides AI-assisted optimization and prediction of load, energy output, and use of energy storage, to better match demand to renewable generation.

BluWave-ai Center continuously trains and improves AI models, learning and adapting to actual conditions, pushing out updates to BluWave-ai Edge. BluWave-ai Center also provides a dashboard for configuration and monitoring. Operating in the cloud, multiple BluWave-ai Edges at different sites can be managed from BluWave-ai Center at a remote office location of owners, operators and independent power producers.

Optimize Renewable Energy Assets at Off-Grid Microgrids


  • Maximizes the use of renewable energy in real-time
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Lowers net energy costs by up to 20%
  • Improves battery energy storage life, resiliency and backup power
  • Cloud-based and hardware agnostic so operates with existing infrastructure and systems
  • Leverages industry standards to ensure interoperability with SCADA and IoT devices, and to work with external data sources such as weather, planned schedules, event signals, and performance objectives


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Mining Operations: Reduce Costs and Emissions Through Energy Optimization

Mining modernization initiatives are embracing the benefits of electric vehicles and equipment, local renewable energy generation and battery storage. Maximizing the value of these improvements requires intelligent energy management. That is where BluWave-ai comes in.