Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Operations

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EV everywhere: AI-enabled electric vehicle (EV) and fleet charging optimization. How fleet operators and supporting utilities can benefit from BluWave-ai's SaaS.  


  • Manage EV fleet charging patterns by taking advantage of intra-day fluctuations in transmission and energy charges
  • Develop energy arbitrage strategy based on insights and live energy market pricing predictions
  • Optimize charge and discharge cycles considering transit route constraints and per-vehicle battery characteristics
  • Optimize use of on-site battery and solar PV to smooth out fleet charging electrical demand
  • Maximize on-site battery and EV equipment endurance through intelligent optimization of charge and discharge cycles
  • Provide real-time simulation and dashboarding for current states and future predictions of local EV charging assets.


  • Actively manage load fluctuations by implementing demand response and pricing programs for fleet operators
  • Defer and reduce the CAPEX associated with transmission and distribution upgrades required for EV adoption
  • Optimally manage power flows to and from locations with large EV fleet charging loads
  • Optimize across multiple objectives for grid operational constraints (peak shifting, frequency and voltage control, electrical distribution)
  • Integrate vehicle-to-grid capabilities in support of grid optimization
  • Provide real-time simulation and dashboarding for current states and future predictions of consolidated grid assets across multiple EV charging assets

Building the infrastructure required to support high proliferation of commercial fleet and personal EVs presents a significant challenge for both distribution companies and fleet operators. BluWave-ai provides informed and intelligent management of EV resources. Using data from utilities, energy markets, renewable generation forecasts, and operational data, it enables operators to shift the load to reduce peaks and net energy costs and implement demand-response and other services.

The result is a reduction in capital and operational costs. The ultimate goal is to reduce the barriers to EV adoption by minimizing operating costs for fleet operators while also deferring capital expenditure (CAPEX) for DSOs.

To talk to BluWave-ai about how its AI-enabled platform can fit into your fleet electrification plans, please contact us.

BluWave-ai Center manages user configuration, provisioning of distributed architecture and training of AI models.
BluWave-ai Edge ingests live device and sensor data, and makes recommendations in real-time.


To help you evaluate and quantify the benefits of using the BluWave-ai solution in your unique operation, we offer an opportunity assessment and model-building service as either the first phase of deployment or a standalone service. Learn more about our deployment process.