We are building the premier North American Renewable Energy AI company right here in Canada.

At BluWave-ai our mission is to deliver innovative AI solutions to accelerate the transformation towards renewable energy. We apply AI to increase the use of clean energy in smart grids and microgrids with distributed energy resources, demand response, and transactive business models.

BluWave-ai is a company where you can do innovative engineering in the best emerging technologies that will be prominent in the decade to come. BluWave-ai is dedicated to making an impact in the world of renewable energy. We want to change the world with renewable energy, starting in the developed world close to home in North America, and moving into the developing markets to help bring prosperity to the entire world.

We believe that having worked in exactly the same field isn't required to become a star player at BluWave-ai. We will train you in our markets and application. In-turn, you will teach us with your knowledge, skills, and experience. Every member of the team has a chance to make an impact in the company. We want to foster a culture of openness and sharing because any idea could be the potential “next big thing” so employees should feel confident in speaking their ideas.

Become a core part of the team!

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Artificial intelligence for renewable energy smart grids