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Maximizing renewable energy usage for grids in r‍‍‍eal time using AI inference and training.

Celebrating a‍‍‍ Year of BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai is celebrating one year as a company and what a year it has been! What began as an idea to change the world with enabling renewable energy use has become an active business. We have been across the Globe from Ottawa to London, Nairobi to Mumbai, Canada’s North to Colorado, and this is only the beginning. We plan to bring optimization of Microgrids to the established grids in the developed world and integrate our technology into the infrastructure that is taking shape right now in developing countries. Both present worthwhile challenges in fulfilling our global vision of a renewable energy enabled planet. Here is what we have accomplished in our first year!

• Created an incredible 12 person team

• Our first products are up-and-running

• Filed 4 USPTO Patents

• Signed with major customers – in Canada Hydro Ottawa, Summerside Electric, and Tugliq Energy Corporation

• Partnered with Natural Resources Canada, CANARIE, IBM I3, CENGN, NRC IRAP, Ontario Centres of Excellence

• Part of the Ecofuel Fund’s 8th Cleantech Cohort

• Selected for Team Canada Trade Missions to India and Africa

• Raised over $700K between our angel investors, grants, and funds

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Ar‍‍‍tificial Intelligence For Clean Energy


BluWave‍‍‍-ai and Sustainable Power Systems Press Release

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BluWave-ai, Hydro Ottawa, and City of Summerside Press Release

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Thur‍‍‍sday, October 13, 2018