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EV Everywhere

Our Solution for EV Penetration

AI-Enabled Non-Wires Alternative to Improve Distribution Utilities’ Capacity for Increased EV Penetration

With the accelerating adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in neighbourhoods, distribution utilities are faced with the challenges to support the increased demand from EVchargers in customers’ homes and businesses. Utilities need to better plan the infrastructure required by identifying priority areas where peak demand from charging willoverload the system. They need to address capacity shortfalls by either implementing costly capital upgrades or delay and reduce the need by implementing non-wiresalternatives.

The Problem

Improve visibility into grid and EV penetration to better plan capital infrastructure and operations

Run test scenarios with various levels of EV and DER penetration behind and in front of the meter.

Gain real-time insights into local load and peak predictions across the network, considering EV charging demand

Improve customer engagement and enable incentives for EV charging to assist grid operation

Enable intelligent management for enrolled customers with behind-the-meter EV chargers to mitigate peak demand

Optimally dispatch control of energy storage and EV charging schedules, to mitigate peak demand within the capacity of existing network infrastructure


The Solution

BluWave-ai’s EV Everywhere eases the transition to high EV penetration. Building on BluWave-ai’s distributed artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform, EVEverywhere uses real-time network data to predict demand considering forecasted consumer loads and behind-the-meter renewable generation.Integrated with utility systems, EV Everywhere provides optimal dispatch for intelligent scheduling of EV charging and available battery energy storage. This provides anon-wires alternative solution mitigating peak loads and hence deferring and reducing the need for capital infrastructure upgrades

BluWave-ai also provides simulation tools to measure the potential impact of increased EV penetration down to the neighborhood level, and assess the impact with EV Everywhere. This enables targeted planning for capacity upgrades to non-wires alternatives by identifying priority areas of the distribution network to address increased peak demand.


  • Models growth of EV adoption and predicts future patterns for EV charging demand
  • Models infrastructure constraints and impact of EV-based DR
  • Provides dashboards for operators to visualize operations and show the effect of BluWave-ai intelligent optimization in real-time
  • Phased on-boarding and deployment covering:
    • Simulation and planning
    • Long-term forecasting
    • Integration and deployment intelligent DER management
    • Intelligent management of EV charging and DERs

EV Everywhere Brief

Phased Onboarding and Deployment

BluWave-ai works with utilities in a phased approach that starts with an initial assessment and follows with AI model training with historical data, running scenarios in simulation and analysis to assist in operational planning through to system integration, live testing and, lastly, operational deployment.

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