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BluWave.ai and BluWave-ai-com (the “BluWave-ai sites”) are owned and operated by BluWave-ai Inc. (“BluWave-ai” or “we”). BluWave-ai is committed to maintaining the accuracy, security and privacy of Personal Information in accordance with applicable legislation. This Privacy Policy is a statement of principles and guidelines concerning the protection of the Personal Information of users of the BluWave-ai sites (“you”) submitted through the BluWave-ai sites. It is possible to use the BluWave-ai sites without submitting any Personal Information; however, if you want to use certain functionality of the BluWave-ai sites, such as scheduling a product demonstration or sending BluWave-ai a message, processing of Personal Information could become necessary.


BY SUBMITTING PERSONAL INFORMATION TO BLUWAVE-AI THROUGH THE BLUWAVE-AI SITES, YOU AGREE THAT WE MAY COLLECT, USE AND DISCLOSE SUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND AS PERMITTED OR REQUIRED BY LAW. Subject to legal and contractual requirements, you may refuse or withdraw your consent to certain of the identified purposes at any time by contacting BluWave-ai’s Privacy Officer using the contact information provided below. If you refuse or withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you or continue to provide you with certain services or information which may be of value to you. If you provide BluWave-ai with personal information of another individual, you represent that you have all necessary authority and/or have obtained all necessary consents from such person to enable us to collect, use and disclose such personal information for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.

You may withdraw the consent given above by replying to any communications from BluWave-ai sent as a result of such previously-given consent.

What Personal Information do we collect?

Canadian private-sector privacy legislation (PIPEDA) uses the term “Personal Information” to refer to information about an identifiable individual or information that allows an individual to be identified. For the purposes of this policy, “Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual as defined from time to time in applicable privacy legislation and is intended to encompass “Personal Data” as defined under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The types of Personal Information that BluWave-ai may collect about you include your name, telephone number, email address and other information you may choose to provide through the BluWave-ai sites.

Upon request to the BluWave-ai Privacy Officer, you may obtain confirmation from BluWave-ai as to whether or not your Personal Information are held or are being processed by BluWave-ai and you may obtain a copy of your Personal Information held or being processed by BluWave-ai.

Why do we collect your Personal Information?

BluWave-ai collects, uses and discloses Personal Information collected from the BluWave-ai sites for the following purposes:

  • to establish and maintain customer relationships with you or an entity you represent;

  • to respond to questions, requests for product information, requests for product demonstrations or any enquiry submitted through the BluWave-ai sites and provide follow-up notifications regarding any events, meetings or conferences scheduled by you;

  • to understand and respond to customer, supplier and other third party needs and preferences, including to contact and communicate with such parties regarding any such needs and preferences communicated through the BluWave-ai websites;

  • to develop, enhance, market, sell or otherwise provide BluWave-ai products and services;

  • to engage in business transactions with you or an entity you represent, including the provision of products and services involving BluWave-ai;

  • as permitted by, and to comply with, any legal or regulatory requirements or provisions; and

  • for any other purpose to which you consent.

To whom do we disclose your Personal Information?

From time to time, BluWave-ai may disclose Personal Information collected from the BluWave-ai sites to:

  • service providers, including an organization or individual retained by BluWave-ai to perform functions on its behalf, such as marketing, data processing, document management and office services;

  • a person who, in the reasonable judgment of BluWave-ai, is providing or seeking the information as your agent;

  • any third party or parties, where you consent to such disclosure or where disclosure is required or permitted by law.

We won’t sell your Personal Information without your consent unless BluWave-ai or a business unit of BluWave-ai is acquired by or merged with another company and your Personal Information is included in the sale. In this event, we will transfer your Personal Information to that third party with the other business assets being transferred and will notify you by email or by putting a prominent notice on our website before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Where do we store your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information is stored in secured locations and on servers located at the facilities of our service providers. You may request a copy of and rectification of inaccuracies of your Personal Information in BluWave-ai’s records at any time while such Personal Information is retained by BluWave-ai. BluWave-ai will endeavour to comply with such requests to the extent such compliance does not jeopardize BluWave-ai’s compliance with applicable laws as determined by BluWave-ai.

How long do we store Personal Information collected from the BluWave-ai sites?

Personal Information collected from the BluWave-ai sites is retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and to comply with applicable laws. You may request expungement of your Personal Information from BluWave-ai’s records prior to such time by contacting the BluWave-ai Privacy Officer. BluWave-ai will endeavour to comply with such requests to the extent such compliance does not jeopardize BluWave-ai’s compliance with applicable laws as determined by BluWave-ai.

How do we protect your Personal Information?

To help protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information, BluWave-ai employs industry standard administrative and technological safeguards to protect your Personal Information. For instance, access to your Personal Information is restricted to selected employees or representatives of BluWave-ai and BluWave-ai employs generally accepted information security techniques, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography, to protect Personal Information from loss and unauthorized access. Although BluWave-ai has implemented numerous technical and organizational measures to ensure the most complete protection of Personal Information processed through the BluWave-ai sites, internet-based data transmissions may in principle have security gaps, so absolute protection may not be guaranteed. For this reason, you are free to transfer Personal Information to us via alternative means, e.g. by telephone.

Privacy and our Website

Cookies – Please see our Activity Tracking and Cookie Policy here

Online Communications – In order to provide our website visitors with services or information, you may voluntarily submit Personal Information to us for purposes such as asking a question, obtaining information, requesting and scheduling a product demonstration, reviewing or downloading a publication and participating in a seminar, product demonstration or other event, and participating in contests and surveys. If you are known to BluWave-ai as an existing user of the BluWave-ai platform, we may combine and store Personal Information about your use of our website and the online information you have provided with certain other online and offline information we may have collected in accordance with the applicable Terms of Service of the BluWave-ai platform.

E-Mail Communications – Occasionally, we may send marketing or promotional e-mail communications to you with information that may be useful, including information about the services of BluWave-ai. We will include instructions on how to unsubscribe and inform us of preferences if you decide you do not want to receive any future marketing or promotional e-mails from BluWave-ai.

Links – Our website may contain links to other websites which are provided as a convenience only. Visitors are advised that other third-party websites may have different privacy policies and practices than BluWave-ai, and BluWave-ai has no responsibility for such third-party websites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

BluWave-ai reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make a change to this Privacy Policy, we will post such changes on our website and make such revised policy and changes available upon request to the BluWave-ai Privacy Officer. However, BluWave-ai will obtain the necessary consents required under applicable privacy laws if it seeks to collect, use or disclose your Personal Information for purposes other than those to which consent has been obtained unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

Further Information

BluWave-ai has appointed our Legal Counsel in our Ottawa office as the Privacy Officer to oversee compliance with this Privacy Policy.