BluWave-ai Announces Certification of Leading EV Charger Brands for EV Interoperability with Smart Grids

BluWave-ai, June 12 2024

OTTAWA, Canada – 12th June, 2024 BluWave-ai announced today the first tranche of commercially available EV charging equipment brands have passed certification for OCPP 1.6 interoperability with BluWave-ai EV Everywhere™ and BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator™. This increases the pool of available consumer EV charging capacity to take up more...

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BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator Enables 95% of School Bus Fleet to be Electrified

BluWave-ai, April 9 2024

Envari Partners with BluWave-ai to Show a Canadian School Bus Operator a Path to a Student Experience without Pipeline Emission OTTAWA, Canada – April 9, 2024 BluWave-ai and Envari Energy Solutions (Envari) announced today the results of an initial project for a countrywide Canadian school bus operator for how it can achieve 95% fleet...

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BluWave-ai and Sunbank, an Independent Power Producer, Enable Dispatchable Renewables AI Integrated with Microsoft Azure

BluWave-ai, February 7 2024

OTTAWA, Canada – February 7, 2023 BluWave-ai announced today the signing of a contract with the City of Summerside (PE, Canada) to deploy and activate its AI-driven Smart Grid Optimizer for Summerside’s Solar Farm: Sunbank. Sunbank boosts the city’s renewable generation with 21.6 MW of solar and a 10 MW / 20 MWH hour battery, augmenting a 12 MW...

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BluWave-ai Operationalizes EV Everywhere in Ontario Grid to Match EV Charging with Renewable Energy

BluWave-ai, November 15 2023

OTTAWA, Canada – November 15, 2023 BluWave-ai announced today that its EV Everywhere portfolio is fully available for the Ottawa region, with availability worldwide starting in the first half of 2024. The portfolio consists of a cloud-based AI prediction/optimization system, intelligent EV charging, and an EV Everywhere consumer smartphone app....

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BluWave-ai Expands AI Energy Optimization Footprint for Japan

BluWave-ai, October 5 2023

OTTAWA, Canada – October 5, 2023 BluWave-ai announced it is expanding its international footprint for the Japanese market following completion of a project to maximize use of renewable energy assets at Japanese industrial sites in partnership with one of Japan’s top engineering companies. BluWave-ai is bringing its technology from global AI...

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