BluWave-ai, June 12 2024

BluWave-ai Announces Certification of Leading EV Charger Brands for EV Interoperability with Smart Grids

BluWave-ai EV Flight Test Center Certifies Chargers to Take More Clean Energy Off Electrical Grids with EV Everywhere

OTTAWA, Canada – 12th June, 2024

BluWave-ai announced today the first tranche of commercially available EV charging equipment brands have passed certification for OCPP 1.6 interoperability with BluWave-ai EV Everywhere™ and BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator™. This increases the pool of available consumer EV charging capacity to take up more renewable energy to support the electrical distribution grid and dynamically balance system-wide demand with solar and wind energy output.

The BluWave-ai EV Flight Test Center, an industry leading interoperability test center, provides a facility to test BluWave-ai’s AI-enabled products with worldwide connectivity before live deployment with customers.

Seven manufacturers’ Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers have been BluWave-ai certified at the EV Flight Test Center for OCPP 1.6 compliance with BluWave-ai’s platform for managed residential and public charging. Currently these include: LG, ABB, Siemens, Grizzl-E, Wallbox, EV Duty, Verde Mobility. Additionally, direct-to-car interoperability has been validated with 2019 and later Tesla model EVs. InductEV's 300kW high power wireless charger has also been validated by BluWave-ai’s engineering team for commercial fleet deployments.

 “The 1.1 million EVs on the road in California in 2023 take up about 4,000 GWh from the system each year, while the state curtailed 2,535 GWh of wind and solar energy. Shifting that energy use to charge EVs would allow more take up and require less fossil-fueled electricity generation,” said Bill Pierce of EVInfo.net.

The expanding pool of available EVs with BluWave-ai EV Everywhere provides increased benefits for utilities and system operators through coordinated grid wide charging in response to low renewable generation and high peak demand events by leveraging direct charger control. As the adoption of EVs accelerates, and hence the electrical demand and stress on the grid, maximizing the renewable energy used to charge them is key to reducing the transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, as more solar and wind energy becomes available, these sources of energy are often not available at peak demand times, and surplus renewable energy is often cut or curtailed.

“BluWave-ai’s EV Everywhere connects with OCPP 1.6 compliant chargers, using a resource adapter”, said Thomas Triplet, Senior Director of Engineering at Bluwave-ai “The certification of the initial suite of chargers for BluWave-ai’s EV Everywhere compliance allows utilities and system operators to balance periods of high-wind and solar with pools of manageable EVs”

To learn about certifying your EV chargers and associated costs with BluWave-ai at the EV Flight Test Center, contact [email protected]. Please visit our website to learn more about BluWave-ai EV Everywhere and BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator.

Utilities and System Operators who desire chargers that can communicate with and provide services to the grid, please contact [email protected] to schedule certification at the BluWave-ai EV Flight Test Center.

About BluWave-ai

Founded in 2017, BluWave-ai is building the world's premier transport electrification and renewable energy AI company headquartered here in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. We are focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide with SaaS based AI solutions. Our products optimize in real-time different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable. This lets our customers – fleet operators, corporations, and utilities – improve their energy decisions for sustainability and costs. BluWave-ai has raised over $16M to date inclusive of a Series A round lead by Ontario Power Generation's Fleet Electrification subsidiary PowerON Energy Solutions and non-dilutive funding in its seed round from Sustainable Development Technologies Canada.

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