BluWave-ai and CENGN Partner to Scale

Grid Energy Optimization Platform for Smart Cities 

Company Tests Largest Deployment to Date Leveraging CENGN Infrastructure and Expertise

OTTAWA & MONTREAL, Canada – March 19, 2019

BluWave-ai and CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, are pleased to announce the scale-out testing of distributed artificial intelligence (AI) software for renewable energy deployments in large distribution utilities, leveraging CENGN’s state-of-the-art networking and data center capabilities and test bed.

Utility distributed renewable energy deployments include a large number of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, which produce volumes of data that are difficult to process efficiently and effectively. In addition, electrical grids are increasingly connected with digital sensors and monitoring devices, and employ advanced networking and automation technologies. While this modernized and connected smart grid is more reliable and efficient, its complexity also impacts a utility’s ability to make timely optimized grid decisions.

It has been just 18 months since BluWave-ai was founded and the company is already making an electrifying impact on the energy sector. To date, the company has exceeded a pre-seed round of $1M in funding and is part of a cohort of disruptive companies seeking to realize a world powered by renewable energy. BluWave-ai has completed multiple pilots with utility companies and government labs and is already working with such energy innovators as Tata Power, Hydro Ottawa, and the City of Summerside in Prince Edward Island.

BluWave-ai operates at the intersection of power systems engineering, machine learning, control and optimization to deliver an advanced SaaS-based platform for modern power and energy systems. The company’s grid energy optimization platform, which consists of BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center, operates in either the public or private cloud. BluWave-ai Edge connects to IoT sensors and meters, using historical and real-time data to provide AI assisted optimization of local energy generation and storage. BluWave-ai Center manages multiple BluWave-ai Edge locations, applying machine learning with new data to continuously adapt and improve the AI models used by BluWave-ai Edge to predict, optimize, and dispatch control.

Following successful performance tests with Summerside, BluWave-ai is conducting a project with CENGN to test a simulated smart grid for a city with a population of 1 million people. Using CENGN’s infrastructure and CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) cloud, BluWave-ai is simulating and testing the deployment of numerous BluWave-ai Edge servers, each connected to 1000 sensors, using data from past projects. This effort will test Bluwave-ai’s largest deployment to date, further validating the ability of the company’s platform to optimize energy decisions for increased sustainability, reliability, and affordability.

“We are extremely pleased to offer CENGN’s commercial-grade networking testbed and technical expertise to BluWave-ai, so they can further build market confidence in their grid energy optimization platform,” stated JC Fahmy, President and CEO of CENGN. “This effort will help BluWave-ai further validate their product and attract new customers, while also helping to realize a more sustainable grid for all.”

“We are delighted to work with CENGN and CANARIE to test our largest deployment yet, that of a smart grid for a mid-tier North American city,” said Devashish Paul, Founder and CEO of BluWave-ai. “While testing with CENGN will demonstrate the scale-up of our solution to a million person city, our platform has been designed from the outset to scale to much larger global megacities deploying renewable energy to create distributed virtual power plants that significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels.”

BluWave-ai is a growing Canadian business that is using the services at CENGN through the Next Generation Network Program (NGNP). The NGNP is a Government of Ontario program offered through a partnership between CENGN and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) that is providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Ontario access to the CENGN Testbed. CENGN’s digital infrastructure is connecting SMEs like BluWave-ai to state-of-the-art equipment and network services, which will allow these companies to test and validate their solutions. Are you interested in completing a CENGN project? Learn more by clicking here for the CENGN blogpost about the collaboration!


About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to put the smart in smart grid. Our machine learning platform balances the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources - renewable and non-renewable - with energy demand in real-time. We let utilities, enterprises, remote communities, and governments optimize their energy decisions for sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai is pleased to work with innovators in the energy industry including Tata Power, Hydro Ottawa, and Natural Resources Canada to realize a greener, more sustainable grid for all.



CENGN is the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of the Canadian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, enabling economic strength and prosperity, as well as innovation and competitiveness in this high-growth global multi-trillion dollar industry.Through our leading-edge technology infrastructure and expertise, and the creation of a globally recognized ecosystem of partners, CENGN helps Canadian small and medium enterprises overcome commercialization barriers and grow. CENGN collaborates with top ICT multinationals, the public sector, financial institutions, and academic partners, to solidify Canada’s leadership in next generation networks for the benefit of all Canadians.


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