Summerside Smart Grid Taps BluWave-ai to Shrink Energy Costs and Maximize Use of Renewable Sources

Canadian company’s artificial intelligence products poised for global growth



OTTAWA, CANADA - 13 Feb, 2019

BluWave-ai is pleased to announce the performance testing results from its cleantech energy partnership with the City of Summerside, PEI. Like many utilities in Canada, Summerside was looking for opportunities to reduce its energy costs and maximize the use of local renewable energy sources. Adding renewable energy sources like wind and solar is a logical choice for communities like Summerside, but there remain some challenges to managing fluctuations in load with the peaks and troughs of renewable energy supply and grid power real time pricing.

Enter BluWave-ai, the company’s machine learning platform collects volumes of data from IoT sensors around Summerside’s grid to predict, optimize, and dispatch control to maximize the use of renewable sources and reduce the city’s overall energy spend.

“Summerside has deployed wind, solar and storage to reduce energy costs, offsetting diesel and imported grid power creating the most integrated, advanced smart grid in North America with diversified renewable sources,” said Greg Gaudet, Director of Municipal Services at City of Summerside. “Our test results with  BluWave-ai has allowed us to quantify the impact of using AI for improving how we use our deployed renewable energy hardware to reduce overall energy use and import from the main North American grid to our island community. We now plan to go into a live operational phase. This innovation will help other Canadian and global utilities advance energy efficiency”

“The ongoing shift towards decentralized distributed generation opens up new energy possibilities for cities around the globe and we are extremely honoured to work with energy innovators like Summerside,” said BluWave-ai Founder and CEO, Devashish Paul. “Our platform optimizes energy decisions for sustainability and affordability with high six figure monetary savings typical for every 10 MW - 20 MW of user load where large renewable energy penetration is present.”

Not surprisingly, other communities are getting serious about more sustainable and cost effective energy choices. According to GlobalData, the renewable share of the global energy mix is forecast to increase to 22.5% in 2020, almost tripling from 2010. “The time is right to take our Canada based innovation global and we’ve already signed Tata Power in India,” stated Paul. “We’ve also been invited to join the Canadian trade delegation to London later this month as part of the Canada-UK Power Forward Challenge program.” The program, which is sponsored by Natural Resources Canada and the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, provides proof-of concept funding for joint Canadian-UK company collaborations to develop cleantech solutions for a more sustainable and resilient grid. As part of the Power Forward Challenge UK’s  Green Cat Renewables and BluWave-ai are partnered to deploy an AI enabled commercial-scale microgrid to address the unique challenges of communities operating on the grid periphery with limited access to reliable, renewable and affordable energy sources.

In support of the Power Forward Challenge initiative, BluWave-ai has been selected to travel to London, UK as part of a delegation of 15 Canadian companies for a programme of briefings, meetings, and matchmaking with UK companies and key stakeholders in the energy sector.



About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to put the smart in smart grid. Our machine learning platform balances the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources - renewable and non-renewable - with energy demand in real-time. We let utilities, enterprises, remote communities, and governments optimize their energy decisions for sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai is pleased to work with innovators in the energy industry including Tata Power, Hydro Ottawa, and Natural Resources Canada to realize a greener, more sustainable grid for all.


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