Deployment: AI Model Building and Going Live

Low-Risk, Multi-Phased Onboarding Process

Getting Started:
Opportunity Assessment and Model Building

To help you evaluate and quantify the benefits of using BluWave-ai in your unique operation, we offer an opportunity assessment and  model-building service as either a first phase of product deployment or a standalone service. This step helps you assess the benefit of incorporating BluWave-ai into your operations. BluWave-ai analyzes the available data and assesses it for AI readiness, including a survey of site assets and computing and communications infrastructure, and plans for the connection of sensors and data conditioning.

In the next phase, AI models are built and trained on historical operational data. If no historical data is available, BluWave-ai can provide simulated data representative of customer operations. This phase establishes a baseline for systems operation and optimization objectives. The process delivers a clear understanding of how BluWave-ai software will interact with your operations and the benefits it will provide.

This opportunity assessment is available as a standalone service. 

Overview of the Development Process

BluWave-ai’s low-risk onboarding allowed us to run a set of AI-enabled tests over several months, in effect test-driving the platform in our own environment.

Bob Ashley
Chief Administrative Officer, City of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Going Deeper: Integration and Live Testing

The third phase branches into either further simulation or product activation. The product activation includes system integration and testing of the models and optimizers with live operational data, continued AI model training, as well as planning for personnel training and deployment. The other option offers situational planning, with the ability to run through multiple what-if scenarios based on a selected set of operational criteria, concluding with a final report on the outcomes.

Sample of a dashboard, showing metrics unique to a customer's operations.

Going Live: Start Reducing Uncertainties, Costs, and Harmful Emissions

The onboarding process concludes with full-scale commercial deployment. Planning for this phase can include structuring the roll-out into multiple projects or sites, as best aligns with your budget and business requirements.

Alternative: Lab Simulation

Lab simulation is an alternative starting point for BluWave-ai deployment. Data used can be customer-supplied historical data or, if no history is available,  fully simulated by BluWave-ai.

Lab simulation is also available as a standalone project.

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