As businesses and governments worldwide adapt to COVID-19 conditions, many innovations in smart city energy management are proving to be resilient. In this free online summit energy sector leaders across the planet shared their current projects and progress. The online summit was hosted by BluWave-ai and its partner Invest Ottawa, with introductory remarks by special guest, The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Canada’s federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

To watch the online summit, click on the play button on the image above. The presentations are available as a PDF here.


0:00 - Michael Tremblay, CEO, Invest Ottawa:
Welcome and introductions

5:45 - The Honorable Catherine McKenna, Minister of  Infrastructure and Communities:
Opening Remarks

13:36 - Michael Tremblay:
Introduces moderator Devashish Paul

14:04 - Devashish Paul, CEO, BluWave-ai:
Introduces first panelist

15:29 - Jen Hiscock, Assistant Program Director, Smart Grids & Energy Storage, Natural Resources Canada:
"Energy Coupling for Low-Carbon Economies"

21:32 - Devashish Paul:
Introduces next panelist

22:08 - Devanand Pallikuth, Head, Technology, Power System Control Centre, Tata Power, India:
"Accurate Load Forecasts -- Needs and Challenges"

28:20 - Devashish Paul:
Introduces next panelist

29:10 - Adel Al Tamimi, Director of Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technology, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai:
"DEWA -- AI in the Future Utility"

38:36 - Devashish Paul:
Introduces next panelist

39:33 - Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO, Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), Germany:
"The Integrated Energy Transition & AI: Perspectives from dena"

45:34 - Devashish Paul:
Introduces final panelist

47:12 - Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Senior Director of Technology, BluWave-ai:
"Vision for Smart Grids"

54:26 - Devashish Paul:
Moderates question-and-answer session

Question & Answer Session

55:36 - Question: "What impact are you seeing from COVID-19 on commercial and residential loads?" Answered by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Tata Power and BluWave-ai

1:01:56 - Question:  "In the context of e-mobility (fleet electrification, etc.), how does data and insights fit in? Is there a place for microgrids and behind-the-meter renewable generation to help with e-mobility?" Answered by Natural Resources Canada and Deutsche Energie-Agentur

1:06:29 - Question: "With Dubai's push towards electric vehicles, what things are you seeing at DEWA?" Answered by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

1:08:28 - Question: "COVID-19 is necessitating the deployment of new AI models, and models are training with very little data and the data there is isn't perfect, and it's hard to spot trends in the fast-changing conditions. What are the thoughts of your applied science team?" Answered by BluWave-ai

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How Smart Cities are Leveraging AI for Clean Energy, During the Pandemic and Beyond

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