How do we drive clean energy innovation as economies recover from the pandemic? Fossil fuels are suddenly cheap – how do we continue to push decarbonization? This takes a full ecosystem working collectively. For this online summit we've gathered together the multi-lateral development bank the World Bank, government-backed innovation fund Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), startup companies BluWave-ai and Tugliq Energy, and venture capital firms Shell Ventures and Cycle Capital critical. Panelists from these organizations shared their strategies for supporting the energy transition.

The online summit was hosted by BluWave-ai and its partner Invest Ottawa.

To watch the online summit, click on the play button on the image above. The presentations are available as a PDF here.


0:00 - Devashish Paul, CEO, BluWave-ai: Kick-off

0:43 - Michael Tremblay, CEO, Invest Ottawa: Welcome and Introductions

6:23 - Pierre Rivard, Executive Chairman, Tugliq Energy

13:44 - Kwawu Mensan Gaba, Lead Energy Specialist, The World Bank

21:23 - Claude Vachet, Managing Partner, Cycle Capital

26:10 - Devashish Paul stands in for Giancarlo Savini, Shell Ventures

30:23 - Ziyad Rahme, Vice President, Investments, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

37:32 - Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Senior Director of Technology, BluWave-ai

46:47 - Devashish Paul moderates the Q&A session

1:04:50 - Nasrin Sadeghianpour, Senior Smart Grid & AI Scientist, BluWave-ai: Announces the next BluWave-ai Global Energy Transition Summit: "Women Innovators Driving Climate Change Mitigation"

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Global Energy Transition Summit:
Post-COVID Strategies