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BluWave-ai CEO and Founder to Speak on Industry Panel at Smart MTL



OTTAWA/MONTREAL - Jan 31, 2019

BluWave-ai is pleased to announce that the company’s CEO and founder, Devashish Paul, will be speaking on a panel at next week’s Smart MTL * Ville Intelligente event in Montreal, along with speakers from Cycle Capital Management, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and Greentown Labs. The panel, entitled “How to make Montreal an innovative Smart City”, will highlight the ecosystem needed to build a smart city, gaps that need closing, along with the importance of data, networks, funding, and intellectual property.

As an innovator in cleantech artificial intelligence (AI), BluWave’s machine learning platform is already being leveraged by other Canadian municipalities including Ottawa and Summerside to optimize their energy decisions for sustainability and reduced energy costs as well as by international power utilities such as Tata Power. “Municipalities have a fiduciary and ethical responsibility to incorporate renewable energy sources into the grid and to deliver reliable energy to their citizens,” said BluWave’s CEO Devashish Paul. “Our AI software delivers on the promise of smarter grids and cities by optimizing the use of renewable energy sources including within legacy environments.”

“BluWave-ai’s disruptive technology and lead customer execution in the renewable energy market is something that has attracted numerous investors and we’re happy to collaborate with the management team to expand its renewable energy AI software nationally and globally”, said Richard Cloutier, President and CEO of the Ecofuel Accelerator and Managing Partner of the Ecofuel Fund.

BluWave-ai, an alumni of Cycle Capital’s Ecofuel accelerator program, is one of the premier North American startups that is leveraging data and AI to make cities smarter and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Putting the smarts into smart cities is a non trivial distributed computing challenge. The Canadian municipal market is an excellent testing ground to optimize technologies for smart cities for deployment into the export market world where cities are increasingly more congested and can realize large gains from distributed renewable energy with distributed AI driven optimization and control of assets.  

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About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to put the smart in smart grid. Our machine learning platform balances the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources - renewable and non-renewable - with energy demand in real-time. We let utilities, enterprises, remote communities, and governments optimize their energy decisions for sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai is pleased to work with innovators in the energy industry including Tata Power, Hydro Ottawa, and Natural Resources Canada to realize a greener, more sustainable grid for all.


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