BluWave-ai Wins IEEE Award for Clean Technology Innovation

Company Recognized for Product Innovation and Market Strategy

Ottawa, Canada – November 16, 2019

At the 75th Annual IEEE Ottawa Section AGM and banquet last night, BluWave-ai was presented with the 2019 Outstanding Clean Technology Company Recognition Award. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a global association with nearly half a million members and is a world leader on a wide array of technology specialties. BluWave-ai received the award from Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi and Raed Abdullah, Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the IEEE Ottawa Section Awards & Recognition Committee. The event was attended by 200 IEEE members from both academia and industry.

“We were very impressed with BluWave-ai’s use of artificial intelligence coupled with big data analytics to enable sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy”, stated Dr. Almuhtadi. “Our selection is based on a broad range of criteria, including level of innovation, patents, and the market strategy nationally and internationally.”

BluWave-ai’s platform uses data from IoT sensors and global weather feeds to predict renewable energy generation and utility energy needs in real-time, optimizing both sides and minimizing how much transmission grid energy is required. The BluWave-ai Edge product is deployed in multiple locations. BluWave-ai Center manages them, carries out the intensive computing of input data, and continuously adapts AI models to predict, optimize, and dispatch control back to the Edge.

"We at BluWave-ai are on a mission to enable the transition towards a smarter electric grid with a significant penetration of renewable energies and electric vehicles,” commented Mostafa Farrokhabadi, BluWave-ai Director of Grid Analytics & Technology. “Our technology relies on a diverse set of skills and expertise, many of which fall under the category of one or more IEEE societies.”

“The recent recognition by the IEEE Ottawa Section is a great motivation and an indication that we are on the right path,” added Hubert Sugeng, BluWave-ai’s Director of Engineering. “Congratulations to each of our clever and thoughtful staff for all their accomplishments that made the award possible."


About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the adoption and use of renewable energy sources and transportation by communities, corporations, and utilities. Our machine learning platform optimizes the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable, in real-time. This lets our customers improve their energy decisions for sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai is pleased to work with innovators in the energy industry worldwide including Tata Power (India), Hydro Ottawa, Summerside Electric (P.E.I), and Natural Resources Canada to realize a greener, more sustainable grid for all.  


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