BluWave-ai Chairing Panel on AI for Microgrids at the 10th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi of BluWave-ai to Host Group of Industry Experts

OTTAWA, Canada & LONDON, UK – August 12, 2019

Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Director of Grid Analytics & Technology at BluWave-ai, will be chairing a panel on the world-stage discussing “Artificial Intelligence for Microgrids” at the 10th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum, taking place September 9th–11th in London, England, UK. The panel includes international experts representing Microsoft, Green Cat Renewables, and Qantic. The topics covered at the panel will include microgrid control and optimization, data-driven techniques, and the future direction of the technology.

During the event Dr. Farrokhabadi will be showcasing real-world examples of AI-enabled microgrid optimization which can result in up to 20% energy efficiency and save millions of litres of diesel fuel usage at industrial microgrids.

BluWave-ai’s SaaS-based platform, consisting of BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center, mitigates the intermittency problem of renewable sources including wind and solar. Through reliable cutting-edge, predictive optimization, and control at islanded and grid-attached microgrids for campuses, communities, and large industrial customers.

BluWave-ai has partnered with Hydro Ottawa for its upcoming Phase 2 of its microgrid project, and is active in microgrid projects with the City of Summerside, and Green Cat renewables.

• The Hydro Ottawa MiGen Transactive Grid project ( www.hydroottawa.com/migen) enables participants to help shape the future of the electricity grid by enabling them to generate their own solar power, store electricity, and send excess electricity back to the grid. Trading electricity with connected neighbours is also on the horizon.

• The City of Summerside is a grid-attached smart grid with wind, solar, storage, and controllable loads that is being connected to the inter-connected systems of New Brunswick. The city is using the BluWave-ai platform to optimize its energy supply, pricing schemes, and carbon footprint

• Green Cat Renewables has approximately 300 renewable energy generation sites attached to the UK national grid. Green Cat plans to use the BluWave-ai platform to perform peer-to-peer (P2P) intra-microgrid energy trading across the national grid.

“Hydro Ottawa will be implementing BluWave-ai’s Edge computing AI solutions, overlaid on our distributed renewable energy generation and storage system through Phase 2 of our MiGen Project,” said Mark Fernandes, Chief Information and Technology Officer at Hydro Ottawa. “We are very pleased that BluWave-ai is using the panel to share information on the innovative MiGen platform.”

“As one of the leading global renewable energy AI companies, as selected by the SET100, we are proud to have Dr. Farrokhabadi, chairing this panel on AI for microgrids, one of the ground-breaking intersections of technology of the next decade and beyond, on the world-stage at our event,” said Daniel Coran, Program Manager for the Forum and Editor of the Smart Grid Observer .

“Transforming conventional electrical grids requires a holistic approach that bridges the hierarchy of generation, transmission, and distribution of power,” elaborates Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, “We at BluWave-ai believe microgrids are a key element of such transformation, enabling a truly decarbonized, decentralized, and digitalized energy and power systems.”

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About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the adoption and use of renewable energy sources by communities, corporations, and utilities. Our machine learning platform balances the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources - renewable and non-renewable - with energy demand in real-time. This lets utilities, enterprises, remote communities, and governments optimize their energy decisions for sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai is pleased to work with innovators in the energy industry including Tata Power, Hydro Ottawa, Summerside, and Natural Resources Canada to realize a greener, more sustainable grid for all.


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