BluWave-ai Launches Atlas, a Worldwide Data Vault for Live Operations

New Product Expands the BluWave-ai Product Line AI-Ready Synthesized and Pre-Processed Operational Data

Ottawa, ON, Canada – March 8, 2022

BluWave-ai is pleased to announce Atlas, a global data vault and visualization system of renewable energy, transport electrification, distribution network, and weather historical data that is AI ready for live operations.

BluWave-ai Atlas comes at a pivotal point in the company’s development as its technology is being utilized in increasingly diverse national and geographical deployments, across three continents, now servicing customers at an unprecedented level. This breakthrough positions the BluWave-ai system for strong growth and customer adoption in the renewable energy and transport electrification market where BluWave-ai has won several awards at home and internationally. Atlas leverages global data sets from solar, wind, electricity load, temperature, market pricing, revenue profiles, and EV energy utilization.

“We have been building up to this moment for the past 4 years with all our public deployments. This is a game changer in terms of the performance of our AI models. Atlas puts BluWave-ai in the category of world AI leaders such as the FAANG companies who are noted for their operational efficiency, building off their large vault of historical pre-processed retrievable data,” said Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai, “Atlas enhances our ability to service new customers from the outset. Atlas is tuning the AI models to work with their operation, but also giving customers visualization dashboards to see past measurements of assets in their systems and AI model performance.”

BluWave-ai Atlas builds on the previous BluWave-ai Edge and Center product offerings, already deployed worldwide. BluWave-ai Atlas uses pre-processed data collected by BluWave-ai Edge from sensors and devices deployed in the smart grid. The curated collection of data within BluWave-ai Atlas is used to enhance speed, accuracy, and performance of AI model training and inference, enabling rapid deployment for new customers and performance enhancement at existing customer deployments.

“BluWave-ai Atlas gathers electrical, meteorological, traffic, and other relevant data from all over the planet, connecting various operations and providing a holistic overview of our products performance. Combined with our IP-protected warm-starting methods, Atlas enables rapid development and deployment of AI-enabled optimization and prediction systems across use cases and customers, despite variations in data quality and availability. Its proprietary automated data extraction, transformation, and loading dramatically decreases the time spent in machine learning data processing and feature engineering and improves the performance of live models as they gather more data,” said Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Vice President of Technology at BluWave-ai, “Leveraging these achievements, our vision is to become the energy transition data reference; BluWave-ai Atlas is a key ingredient of this vision and of our data-driven energy transition platform in general.”

Conventional market-end customer systems have raw data gathered from internal research stored in compartmentalized databases, often in disparate locations. These ad hoc data archiving solutions make it difficult for customers to manage any AI system for both development and operations.

BluWave-ai Atlas centralizes the pre-processing of raw data from historical load and generation, as well as weather data to:

  • Train AI models
  • Visualize for offline analysis (on a customer-by-customer basis)
  • Offload customer IT systems for renewable energy
  • Transport EV data management

"With the increasing penetration of EV and distributed renewable energy resources in smart grids, there is a systematic need for proper data handling to learn from past operation and predict the future of the grid,” said Prof. Claudio Canizares, Hydro One Endowed Chair, Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) at the University of Waterloo, “As operations of smart grids are dependent on weather, societal activities, and consumers behavior, BluWave-ai Atlas provides the platform to harness the power of big data, assisting with data-driven smart grid research and development for researchers, electricity utilities, and fleet operators.”

BluWave-ai Atlas has enabled the company’s offering to expound upon every past achievement, providing greater leverage of established networks. With a new breadth of sensor data, Atlas is breaking new ground at the intersection of artificial intelligence and clean energy for the global energy transition.

BluWave-ai Atlas is available now to customers as a standalone product or bundled with BluWave-ai Edge and Center and BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator.

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About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai is focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide. Our artificial intelligence to optimizes the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources, with a focus on renewable energy. The goal of BluWave-ai is to drive the global energy transition from a centralized, carbon-based energy model to the point where clean energy can be produced by almost anyone, anywhere, aided by advanced real-time computing. 

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