BluWave-ai Patent Portfolio Supported by BLG LLP Launches Company into Top Global Data-Driven Technology Peer Group

Smart Grid Products Surpasses 1.5 Million Real-Time Energy Grid Dispatches, Based on a Suite of 13 Granted or Pending Patents Deployed Worldwide

OTTAWA, Canada – July 20, 2022

Built on a comprehensive IP portfolio, BluWave-ai’s suite of grid and fleet optimization products are being used both in live networks and offline simulations worldwide. The IP portfolio is the culmination of four years of strategic research and development focusing on key areas of energy transition technology. The company patents cover state-of-the-art grid optimization, renewable energy prediction, electric vehicle fleet energy management, and real-time control systems. The resulting technology will accelerate the path to future net-zero communities, electricity system operators, and transportation networks, as large-scale adoption of solar, wind, and Electric Vehicles (EVs) transform our economies worldwide.

“We have worked diligently in the past few years to build a strong IP portfolio at the intersection of energy systems optimization, machine learning, and software development. Our patents target key strategic areas of BluWave-ai’s technology, including our hierarchical cloud-based platform, energy predictor, grid optimizer, and EV orchestrator,” said Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Vice President of Technology at BluWave-ai. “We have achieved a 100% success rate for pending applications progressing to issued patents, a rate considerably higher than average; this success is a testament to the strength of our innovative platform and our grasp of crucial technology in the smart grid and transportation electrification domains.”

BluWave-ai’s growing IP portfolio consists of three granted and seven pending US patents, as well as three continuations, all of which protect the company’s cutting-edge technology in three main areas:

  • cloud-based distributed energy IoTplatform
  • energy forecasting
  • energy optimization

These key ingredients form the backbone of the company’s major product lines: Smart Grid OptimizationTM, EV EverywhereTM, and EV Fleet OrchestratorTM.

“Our patent portfolio has been strategically curated from day one, and will allow BluWave-ai customers and partners to build decarbonized systems,” said Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai. “After our Freedom-to-operate investigation identified a relative greenfield in the prior art, we successfully embarked upon an ambitious invention filing strategy with the USPTO to underpin and support our smart grid deployed products, which were used for the first ever AI enabled energy market dispatches in the Canadian and Indian markets going back to 2018 and 2020 respectively.”

BluWave-ai’s IP rights include the following issued patents and pending patent applications:

  • Methods and Systems for Electric Vehicle Telematics Estimation. 17/870,025. 2022/07/21.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Phantom Diagnostic Metering of Energy Systems. 63/283,262.2021/11/25.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Dynamic Tuning of Controllers in Power Grids. 17/528,830.2021/11/17.Patent Status: Pending
  • System and Methods for Accelerated Computations in Data-Driven Energy Management Systems. 17/371,398. 2021/07/09.Patent Status: Pending
  • System and Methods for Data-Driven Energy Management of Mixed Vehicle Fleet with No HistoricalElectric Vehicle Data. 17/102,480. 2020/11/24.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Efficient Charging of Energy Storage Systems. 17/039,015.2020/09/30.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Hyper Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Using Real-Time Wind ParameterMeasurements. 16/548,072. 2019/08/22.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Distributed Hierarchical Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids. 62/876,214. 2019/07/19.Patent Status: Pending
  • Systems and Methods for Adaptive Optimization for Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging. 11267362. 2020/08/05.Patent Status: Granted/IssuedYear Issued: 2022
  • Systems and Methods for Fluctuating Renewable Energy-Battery Optimization to Improve Battery Life-Time. 11133676. 2018/07/17.Patent Status: Granted/IssuedYear Issued: 2021
  • Methods and Systems for an Enhanced Energy Grid System. 11170456. 2019/05/22.Patent Status: Granted/IssuedYear Issued: 2019

“BLG is proud to work with this exciting, dynamic Canadian success story, assisting BluWave-ai to build a robust and diverse IP portfolio, to mine and protect their multiple innovations, to increase their shareholder value, and to open up new opportunities nationally and overseas’” said Carina De Pellegrin, Senior Technology Counsel at BLG LLP. “BluWave’s strong and growing patent portfolio is a validation of its cutting-edge technology. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with BluWave-ai, as the company ushers in a new era of energy transition and transportation electrification.”

The BluWave-ai technology team has also identified four key strategic areas within which to further extend the patent rights portfolio by the end of 2022, focused primarily on transportation electrification and automated data platforms.

This builds off the IP instantiated in the company products that have exceeded in excess of 1.5 million discrete real-time energy market dispatches for wind, solar, load and battery optimization.

BluWave-ai is open to discussing strategic opportunities for licensing and cross-licensing its IP portfolio to select customers, partners, research labs and universities.

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About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai is focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide. Our solutions apply artificial intelligence (AI) cloud software to optimize the cost, carbon footprint and reliability of different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable, in real-time. This lets our customers – utilities, fleet operators and electricity system operators to improve their energy-related decision making in planning and in live systems to decrease costs and carbon footprint. Every day our employees come to BluWave-ai with the mission to decarbonize the planet by using hardware assets more efficiently with AI software while we build the world's premier renewable energy and transport electrification AI company based in Canada.


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