BluWave-ai and Summerside Launch Canadian Smart Grid AI Center of Excellence

First Innovation Center in Canada Set to Lead AI Developments in the Global Energy Transition

Ottawa, ON and Summerside, PEI, Canada – February 23, 2022

BluWave‐ai has launched the Canadian Smart Grid AI Center of Excellence at the City of Summerside, Prince Edward Island in partnership with Summerside Electric. The Center consists of wind farm, solar array, battery storage, grid connection, smart metering assets, and a cloud-based AI optimization platform with networking to users internationally. The Center will serve as a real-world AI test center and support international customers worldwide.

BluWave‐ai has been collaborating with Summerside Electric since 2018, using a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence analytics to optimize integration of renewable energy assets leveraging the physical renewable energy assets in the live test bed at the local utility.

In November 2021, BluWave‐ai and the City of Summerside announced the completion of the first-end to-end AI‐optimized grid in North America, the first industry proof point of a scalable system applicable to entire regions and countries for transitioning energy networks toward maximizing the use of renewable assets. BluWave-ai has recently been awarded a major contract to advance Summerside’s system utility manager software in order to integrate a new 26‐megawatt Solar and Battery project.

BluWave‐ai chose to establish the Center in Summerside for easy access to a world leading living testbed. The combination of smart grid assets and BluWave-ai intelligence puts the city ahead of any utility in Canada and several years ahead of Climate pledges outlined at the recent COP26 Summit.

“As many jurisdictions transition to a low carbon economy and integrate more renewables into their portfolio, the challenges of managing, predicting, and forecasting production has always been a huge undertaking,” quotes Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave‐ai. “BluWave‐ai has been working with Summerside Electric Utility successfully for over three years inside the live testbed, validating and proving that AI optimization and efficiency is possible and proving itself out in Summerside. By setting up this center in Summerside we have a global competitive advantage with a real‐world test center already invested in by the city that leverages data and renewable assets that the rest of Canada and the world are only catching up with.”

The first version of the intelligent Center of Excellence is fully operational, combining the renewable and distributed resources at the utility and BluWave-ai's cloud-based Edge and Center platform. The Center of Excellence hosts a variety of smart grid software products, executing end-to-end grid optimization from ingesting raw data in real-time to optimizing the grid operation, all in the cloud. Future releases will enable third-party researchers and labs, both in Canada and internationally, to access and load synthesized data and AI models from the Center of Excellence cloud, and tailor them for their own deployments with different physical assets to speed up their energy transition projects.

“Building on our achievements in three continents, we are inaugurating the next-generation smart grid platform, capable of real-time deployment and execution of forecasting and optimization solutions across Canadian and international operations. We combine state-of-the-art software, smart grids, and machine learning engineering to bring the pivotal breakthrough that reduces computational and financial burdens in sustainable energy solutions. Our data-driven pan-application framework leverages the Center of Excellence testbed to offer researchers in industry and academia a much-needed standardized test and development platform in data-driven energy transition.” Quotes Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Vice President of Technology of BluWave-ai.

“We are proud to have supported the early innovation in 2019 to help create the foundational AI innovations by BluWave-ai on which the partners are building this Center of Excellence” said Leah Lawrence, president of Sustainable Development Technologies Canada, “Having a Center with plans to recruit researchers and university graduates from across Atlantic Canada with AI, renewable energy and power systems expertise is a great development for the pan Canadian cleantech economy.”

“We know that as jurisdictions around the world are transitioning to a greener economy, look to grow their economies and attract the knowledge economy, this type of collaboration and commitment is key to growing our net zero economy in Summerside,” said Brian McFeely, Chair of Summerside Economic Development, “BluWave‐ai has demonstrated their desire to service global markets in Summerside and attract talent, as well as grow and contribute to Summerside’s cleantech sector. The establishment of the Center is further evidence of the quality‐of‐life attraction for tech workers and Summerside’s value proposition in the growing cleantech sector.”

To learn more about job opportunities with BluWave-ai at the Canadian Smart Grid AI Center of Excellenceat the City of Summerside, click here.


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