BluWave-ai and Dubai Taxi Sign Partnership to Decarbonize Fleet with Electric Vehicles Managed by Artificial Intelligence

BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator will Increase Miles and Revenue with Electric Taxi Fleet Displacing Carbon Emitting Miles

OTTAWA, Canada and DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – May 2, 2023

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a division of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai UAE, signed an agreement with BluWave-ai to partner with its built in Canada AI platform to further enhance energy efficiency. The signing ceremony took place in the DTC headquarters in Dubai, co chaired by Mansour Rahma Alfalasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi, and Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai, with the presence of a number of officials from both parties. The Canadian company is represented by Al Usul Company in the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement will bring the BluWave-ai specialized artificial intelligence solutions in fields of renewable energy and transport electrification to develop optimization models in EV energy management and revenue maximization for DTC’s fleet which is projected to grow to over 2000 EVs. DTC is accelerating the partnership with multiple years of historical and live data from real world operations which will allow BluWave-ai to develop operating models for the electrical vehicles that combines elements such as: charging durations, levels, vehicle on-road activity, weather and holiday impacts, events, and revenue concentration vs charging time opportunity costs. During the project, the offline models will be taken to live deployment to be continuously retrained and enhanced. The agreement includes the appointment of a joint committee from both sides to follow up with the operational plan, the mission objectives, and study performance outputs to will exchange the best practices in innovation and collaboration.

This agreement was announced in unison with DTC’s plans to transform 100% of its fleet to low-carbon footprint vehicles by 2027. This encompasses hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, and electrical vehicles. The plan has been approved by the RTA to further the corporate strategy to provide innovative and sustainable transportation services, in accordance with the highest international standards for which an AI platform is instrumental.

“The new cooperation agreement between Canada’s BluWave-ai and Dubai Taxi Corporation will support UAE’s net zero by 2050 and electrify the transportation sector,” said Jean-Philippe Linteau, Consul General of Canada in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. He also added “This agreement will help bring environment-friendly vehicles to Dubai as an example of a Canada-UAE climate change partnership milestone ahead of COP28.”

BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator software product uses AI to assist fleet operators in integrating electric vehicles into their fleets. The solution offers features such as intelligent EV charging, route and schedule optimization, and depot and BESS management to optimize the use of EVs. The product uses AI and machine learning algorithms to help fleet operators make informed decisions, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The overall goal of the product is to help fleet operators overcome the challenges of adopting EVs, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in their carbon footprint.

“The Dubai Taxi Corporation is keen to provide safe and sustainable digital transportation solutions using the latest technologies by consolidating the foundations of strategic partnership with a globally experienced company,” said Mansour Rahma Alfalasi, the CEO of Dubai Taxi, “This agreement comes in line with the Dubai government strategy towards comprehensive environmental sustainability by implementing targets to reduce carbon emissions in the taxi sector, as per the requirements of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, and the transition towards a green economy. This partnership is enhancing the exchange of expertise and experiences to improve services that contribute to achieving its vision of leadership in providing safe and sustainable digital transportation services.”

“This partnership with Dubai Taxi, is laying the foundation to show real-world AI-enabled decarbonization in the lead up to COP28," said Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai, “We are thrilled to implement the strategic directions of the Dubai government aimed at offering green vehicles for a more sustainable environment, praising the advanced and reliable transport services provided by the company to its customers. This emphasizes the commitment to achieve the full outputs of the agreement through cooperation and ensuring the integration of the efforts of both sides, based on working in a team spirit to achieve our shared goals.”

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