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BluWave-ai to Deploy its Artificial Intelligence Products in Hydro Ottawa and City of Summerside Smart Grids

Canadian ut‍‍‍ilities driving innovation in AI for optimizing renewable energy use in smart city grids

OTTAWA, Canada – September 13, 2018 – BluWave-ai has signed two collaboration agreements with global innovators Hydro Ottawa, and the City of Summerside to drive optimized use of renewable energy in smarter grids by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). Their customers will benefit from increased resiliency of electricity supply and delivery, better air quality, reduced greenhouse gases, and overall cost savings. With Hydro Ottawa, a large distribution utility serving Canada’s national capital, BluWave-ai will be managing large campus scale, grid-attached microgrids with local artificial intelligence along with city-wide control using The Grid Edge Active Transactional Demand Response (The GREAT-DR) solution platform. The City of Summerside on Prince Edward Island, has an isolated smart grid with solar, wind, diesel generation, battery storage, and grid supply from the mainland North American grid. BluWave-ai will optimize use of renewable energy and battery storage to offset diesel fuel usage and grid energy import.  

As part of these deployments, both utilities will quantify the additional benefits of artificial intelligence to predict and optimize generation and loads in their service area. The utilities will be offering their live networks and utility expertise to assist enhancement of BluWave-ai’s artificial intelligence innovations.

“At Hydro Ottawa, our goal is to be a leading partner in a smart energy future for our customers. Leveraging emerging technology like artificial intelligence lets us enable our customers to connect renewable generation, electric vehicle charging and clean electric heating. The applications of this technology are far reaching – from campuses to substations – especially if used with The GREAT-DR open architecture solution that we’re leading development of,” said Guillaume Paradis, Director, Distribution Engineering and Asset Management at Hydro Ottawa.

“Summerside has deployed wind, solar and storage to reduce energy costs, offsetting diesel and imported grid power creating the most integrated, advanced smart grid in North America with diversified renewable sources,” said Greg Gaudet, Director of Municipal Services at City of Summerside, “Our collaboration with BluWave-ai allows us to further advance our technical leadership and assess AI for improving the efficiency and economics of the city’s energy supply.”

BluWave-ai’s distributed AI-based software optimizes the operation of smart grids and microgrids. It uses both real-time and archived data to perform accurate predictions of loads and renewable generation output, sending recommendations, signals and actions to optimally manage grid resources.  

BluWave-ai’s solution consists of components at the edge and cloud data center which can be licensed with a SaaS model. BluWave-ai Edge is installed at the aggregation points of IoT sensors, meters, and other sources of data. The physical location can be at edge computing nodes, a private data center or public cloud. BluWave-ai Center machine learning runs in either the private data center or public cloud, collecting data from Edge nodes to train AI models and coordinate functions between multiple BluWave-ai Edge locations. It includes an ensemble of machine learning and statistical techniques that discover patterns in data, performing predictive analysis and pattern recognition in real-time, based on a portfolio of patents filed with the USPTO this year. AI models include wind, solar, battery state-of-charge, load, and energy market pricing.

“Since its inception, BluWave-ai has been collaborating with key industry leaders in the Canadian government and innovation labs such as CanmetENERGY to refine its AI products the result of which is enhanced product performance leveraging data from multiple sites and sensors,” said Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai, “by working with innovative utilities such as Hydro Ottawa and Summerside, we will quantify real AI enabled load and renewable energy driven savings and enhance our AI products. Hydro Ottawa and Summerside are helping to drive this AI enabled innovation working with our company that customers across North America and Globally will benefit from.”

BluWave-ai Edge and Center products are being used in these deployments, additional qualified early adopter customers in the utility enterprise and microgrid markets will have access to these products during 2H 2018. These Canadian innovations will provide a springboard to enable cleaner energy worldwide.


About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai was founded to optimize renewable energy usage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smart grids and microgrids. We are using our expertise in big data, AI, supercomputing, and distributed edge computing to positively impact how our planet uses clean renewable energy sources. BluWave-ai’s products manage loads and distributed clean energy sources in real-time to make optimal allocations. BluWave-ai ingests large data sets, applies AI, and optimizes system decisions in both energy and pricing contexts. BluWave-ai’s leadership and technical team consists of industry leaders in distributed computing, smart grids, artificial intelligence, and data science who are working together to make a greener future for our customers.

About Hydro Ottawa Ltd.

Hydro Ottawa delivers electricity to more than 332,000 homes and businesses in Ottawa and Casselman. For 100 years, Hydro Ottawa has reliably supplied its customers with power, building and investing in the local electric grid. Proudly municipally owned, Hydro Ottawa contributes to the well-being of the community we serve. Its innovative services help customers manage their account and energy use.  For more information on The GREAT-DR, visit:   https://hydroottawa.com/save-energy/residential/great-dr


About City of Summerside Smart Grid

The City of Summerside started working on the smart grid concept since 2012 involving research, testing, collaboration and pilot programs.  The City of Summerside has annually expanded the smart MyPowerNet system and has currently reached 40% deployment of the fiber network and appliance integration into the community.  It has deployed approximately 350 units of appliances to control domestic hot water storage and space heating for a total of over 3MW’s of demand response on a 27 MW peaking system.  The MyPowerNet system is partially deployed throughout the community and connected to these devices, those that are not connected are controlled via time clocks. An IEEE paper was published and can be seen using the following link:



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