Cleantech software driven by accelerated Artificial Intelligence for real time IOT sensor management

  • Annual subscription based on usage, tiered packages  
  • Cost based on number of devices connected, storage, amount of data transactions
  • Licensed packages for smart edge computing terminals  and private cloud data center deep learning module
  • Option of AI integration and consulting service

BluWave-ai Multi Dimensional Modular Systems Architecture

BluWave-ai provides two key Artificial Intelligence enabled vertical stack products to enable utilization of renewable energy sources in real time in an optimized manner.  

  • BluWave-ai Edge runs AI Model inference on local data, providing predictions, recommendations and actions. Edge operates at the aggregation points of sensors. The product is situated at either an edge computing node, enterprise data center or public cloud based on business needs and where sensors are terminated
  • BluWave-ai Center runs machine learning in the private or public cloud ingesting data from Edge. Center discovers patterns in data and generates models for predictions to optimize control. The technology constantly improves AI Models with new data, pushing them to the Edge
  • Optimized AI product for  IOT sensor synthesis for the energy industry running at Edge nodes and Cloud (Private or Public)
  • Machine Learning (ML) Suite with training models to discover patterns in data and perform predictive analysis and anomaly/pattern detection in real time
  • Graceful migration to high performance cloud based SaaS leveraging accelerated computing with GPU/FPGA to speed up deep learning and inference workloads to drive more versatile management of grid IOT devices
  • Leverages GPU and FPGA technology for AI inference and training at multiple physical locations
  • Out-of-the-box “Sensor to Visualization” big data pipeline
  • Business Decision Modules to action results from AI based analysis of data streams

Product Options

Technical Advantages

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

BluWave-ai  provides a central secure registry to identify the devices and gateways running in the IOT network. It provides a cost-effective way to collect and manage various data source and perform meaningful AI analytics.

Cost-Effective Device Management and Registry

Efficient Data Management and Storage

AI Capability in Data Processing Pipeline

BluWave-ai provides an AI capability for big data analysis for energy smart grids. Our AI solutions are optimized for distributed decision making in the smart grid, while optimizing networking challenges.

BluWave-ai analyses sensor signals in real-time, near real-time or offline to optimally manage fluctuating outputs from renewable energy sources, which may be affected by weather and  other parameters.  Our AI also supports the demand side management challenges in the smart grid. All of this is done with distributed between the cloud data center and edge computing points of presence leveraging FPGA and GPU based accelerated computing

One of the biggest challenges in IOT data management is quickly inferring what data is useful and storing the more useful data for post processing and subsequent ML training to enhance future inference. BluWave-ai provides scalable and optimized  data storage that supports the volume and variety of IOT data both at the aggregation point edge computers as well as in the private/public cloud data center.

Product Brief

Data-Driven Mitigation of Energy Scheduling Inaccuracy

ai Framework for Smart Cities


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