BluWave-ai Edge & Center Platform

BluWave-ai’s solution aggregates operational data from the grid as well as external data such as live weather, consumer patterns, historic data, and situational awareness in order to manage renewable energy resources and to send recommendations to various parts of the microgrid control system in order to reduce energy costs and maximize utilization of renewable energy assets.

BluWave-ai’s Edge and Center platform is based on a distributed AI architecture. This allows for high scalability which overcomes the issues pertaining to low bandwidth and limited communication connectivity typically encountered at the edge of the power grid. Our system leverages high performance computing to train AI models (BluWave-ai Center). The trained models are then deployed to edge nodes located within close proximity to microgrid control and IoT sensor data (BluWave-ai Edge) where real time controls and inferencing can be performed.

BluWave-ai provides two key AI-enabled vertical stack products to enable optimized use of renewable energy sources in real-time.

  • BluWave-ai Edge runs AI model inference on local data, providing predictions, recommendations and actions. Edge operates at the aggregation points of sensors. The product is situated at either an edge computing node, or cloud based on business needs and where sensors are terminated.
  • BluWave-ai Center runs machine learning in the cloud ingesting data from Edge. Center discovers patterns in data and generates models for predictions to optimize control. The technology constantly improves AI models with new data, pushing them to the Edge.

Key Product Features

  • AI-assisted prediction models for solar and wind generation
  • AI-assisted City, substation, and enterprise (commercial and industrial) microgrid demand prediction
  • Intelligent optimization of control of distributed energy resources and energy storage (battery energy storage and thermal energy storage systems) - Optimize energy costs and emissions reduction
  • Optimize energy costs and emissions reduction
  • System alerts and notification system for platform events and maintenance
  • High availability over cloud-based infrastructure
  • BluWave-ai Edge software-based redundancy for enhanced reliability
  • Customer web portal for Center and Edge orchestration, customer reports, operational statistics and metrics
  • Automated Machine Learning training and model deployment to the edge
  • Integration of multiple weather services for enhanced accuracy and data redundancy
  • Real-time interpretation and preparation of historical and live data for grid and IoT sensors into machine learning models
  • Efficient data management and Storage

BluWave-ai Platform At-a-Glance

  • Applies machine learning to provide intelligent grid dispatch and controls
  • Flexible and modular architecture featuring integration with leading IoT standards, SCADA, and other industrial control and automation systems.
  • Utilizes external data sources including weather, planned schedules, event signals, energy pricing
  • Real-time optimized control of utility scale and behind the meter battery storage
  • 4 USPTO provisional patents

Product Options

Our SaaS-based solution consists of BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center products and is capable of operating in either the cloud or locally on premises

Distributed AI to optimize the operation of smart grids and microgrids

BluWave-ai’s solution is distributed AI-based software to optimize the operation of smart grids and microgrids by up to 20%, enabling greatly increased renewable energy use. Our products help distribution utilities, large industrial customers, transmission systems operators and renewable generation utilities.  

BluWave~ai Product Overview

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