Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to smart grids and microgrids to optimize in-real time power generation and operation, accurately predict demand, and apply machine learning to adapt to changing electricity consumption and generation patterns.  AI responds to rapid electricity generation and demand fluctuations by supplying more reliable and economical energy, increasing customers’ use of renewable energy, reduction in fossil fuel use. To enable smart grid and microgrid operators to prepare for and deploy AI, BluWave-ai offers AI Readiness Assessment and AI Model Building services in addition to integration and licensing of BluWave-ai’s Edge  and Center distributed AI products

To assist customers by quantifying the benefits of using AI assisted operation of their grid, BluWave-ai offers an AI Model Building Service. This service includes conditioning historical data for AI model and building and training AI models. BluWave-ai will build models that work with the customers’ data to provide improved predictions of load and generation. Using a simulation of the grid, suitable optimization strategies are tested to validate model based on available historical data.BluWave-ai will connect an instance of Edge either on-site or in the cloud to smart grid sensor and data sources. An instance of BluWave-ai Center will also be set up and connected to BluWave-ai Edge for model training and testing by BluWave-ai using live data. This provides further training using live data. Live data is used by the AI models in a simulation environment to provide predictions and recommendations to estimate the improvements that would be achieved by deploying BluWave-ai for smart grid control. BluWave-ai can also provide recommendations (for example via email) that customer’s may use to periodically test their outcome on-site.Based on these results, BluWave-ai will provide a report to help customers quantifying the expected benefits before fully deploying BluWave-ai.

AI Readiness Assessment

BluWave-ai AI Model Building Service

BluWave-ai: Distributed AI for Optimizing Smart Grid and Microgrid Operation

Artificial Intelligence Readiness and Model Building Services

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