Campus Microgrids in a Distribution Utility Smart Grid

BluWave-ai Remote Community and Industrial Microgrids

BluWave-ai's distributed, AI-enabled platform optimizes the operation of smart grids, microgrids and electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging installations, and increases the use of renewable energy sources. The platform is built on widely used, industry standard technologies, to ensure interoperability and security. Whatever the application, there are multiple features and benefits, including:

  • Accurate prediction of renewable energy generation, to reduce fossil fuel use
  • Increased efficiency of existing renewable energy hardware
  • Dynamic integration of local renewable energy and storage in real-time
  • Management of real-time energy transaction pricing
  • Dynamic load peak shaving and management
  • Easily deployed to receive and process data from a range of SCADA systems and IoT sensors and devices
  • Integrates external data sources including weather forecasts, planned schedules, event signals, market pricing and performance objectives
  • Significant cost savings, typically between 5 - 20%


Remote industrial sites and remote off-grid communities can use BluWave-ai to improve the use of renewable energy assets to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels (typically diesel generation) and hence energy costs and pollution. The BluWave-ai Edge at the off-grid microgrid site provides AI-assisted optimization and prediction of load, energy output, and use of energy storage to better match demand to renewable generation. BluWave-ai Center continuously trains AI models, learning and adapting to actual conditions, pushing out model updates to BluWave-ai Edge.

Energy costs at large residential, commercial, and industrial campuses or plants can be reduced by integrating renewable energy such as solar and storage in a microgrid while being connected to the main distribution grid.

BluWave-ai Edge provides AI-assisted optimization further reduce energy cost at the campus considering grid power price, load and generation predictions and forecasted peak demands to reduce demand during peak periods.

BluWave-ai Edge at utility substations aggregates information from substation service area (includes campus microgrids, residential and other customers), providing AI-assisted predictions of demand at the substation level, predictions of upcoming peaks and optimization recommendations to assist in improving stability and smoothing peaks.

At the utility back office BluWave-ai Center manages customers in the network using predictions from BluWave-ai Edge and pushing requests and alerts for load shaping. BluWave-ai Center continuously trains AI models, learning and adapting to actual conditions, pushing out model updates to BluWave-ai Edge at campus microgrids and substations.

The city of Summerside, PEI, Canada is part of a growing trend to rely on more renewable energy sources for increased sustainability, reliability, and affordability. BluWave-ai, with its grid energy optimization platform, collects volumes of data from IoT sensors around Summerside’s grid to predict, optimize, and dispatch control to maximize the use of renewable sources and reduce the city’s overall energy spending.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Optimization
for Fleet and Transit Operators

With the advent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) at the personal and fleet level, comprehensive charging infrastructure is required in order to support the transition away from internal combustion and towards electric vehicles. As more EVs are brought online, the infrastructure required to support them will also need to keep up.

Building out the comprehensive EV infrastructure required to support high proliferation of EVs in established urban areas represents a significant technical and capital challenge for both distribution companies and fleet operators.

BluWave-ai's distributed AI platform allows for informed and intelligent management of EV resources. By utilizing live data from the utility company, electricity markets, renewable generation forecasts, and operational data, our platform enables operators to shift the electrical load in order to reduce peaks and net energy costs and implement demand-response capabilties. The result is a significant reduction in CAPEX for on-site battery resources, as well as electrical distribution and transmission infrastructure.

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