Remote Community and Industrial Microgrids

Campus Microgrids in a Distribution Utility Smart Grid

BluWave-ai’s solution is distributed AI-based software to optimize the operation of smart grids and microgrids, enabling high renewable energy use.It consists of components at the edge and cloud data center.

BluWave-ai Edge is installed at the aggregation points of IoT sensors, meters, and other sources of data. The physical location can be at edge computing nodes, a private data center or public cloud.

BluWave-ai Center machine learning runs in either the private or public cloud, collecting data from Edge nodes to train AI models and also coordinate functions between multiple BluWave-ai Edge locations.

The overall solution includes an ensemble of machine learning and statistical techniques that discover patterns in data, performing predictive analysis and pattern recognition in real-time.

Use Case at the City of Summerside

Read here at CBC about our project in Summerside

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