Devashish Paul, MBA, MASc EE, CD

CEO and Founder

SVP Engineering and Co Founder

Parham Momtahan, MSc Comp Sci

Mostafa Farrokhabadi, PhD, MIEEE

Director, Grid Analytics and Technology

Parham Momtahan leads the engineering team, and is a co-founder, at BluWave-ai. He has extensive experience in starting and growing technology companies. Parham was part of the executive team that grew Bridgewater Systems, a mobile service control company, from startup to public listing and a $211-million acquisition by Amdocs. He is an angel investor, and a mentor, to a number of technology companies. Parham has contributed to the design and implementation of many products based on fault-tolerant and scalable distributed systems. He is an inventor on a number of patents and is a member of IEEE. Parham holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Cranfield University and a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Manchester, UK. His interests, other than turning ideas on whiteboards to useful products, include commuting on bicycles and skis.

Hubert Sugeng drives the Product Development at BluWave-ai. He’s been serving in engineering for over 16 years, and with recent leadership roles delivering product with AI-based KodaCloud, and Bridgewater Systems acquired by Amdocs. Hubert’s led the development of performant, scalable, and fault-tolerant products running in national level mobile carriers, as well as cloud SaaS with IOT devices. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University. Aside from building cool stuff at BluWave-ai, Hubert loves to game, play badminton, and is very curious about how everything works from tech, to macro-economics, to astronomy.

Mostafa Farrokhabadi is the technology leader at BluWave-ai. He has more than 7 years of experience in designing mission critical grid solutions for industry and academia, including smart grids and microgrids projects at Hatch and Canadian Solar. He has authored several articles in high-impact journals, conference proceedings, and magazines, and has filed multiple provisional patent applications. He has also led the IEEE Power and Energy Society Task Force on Microgrid Stability Definitions, Analysis, and Modeling. Mostafa obtained his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and has also studied and performed research in Sweden at KTH and Germany at KIT. During the course of his industrial and academic career, he has received multiple business, research, and teaching awards, including the prestigious Ottawa's Forty Under 40. When not busy researching and developing smart grid solutions, Mostafa enjoys reading about the history of science and contemplating the future of the humanity.

Devashish Paul founded BluWave-ai coming from a background in the semiconductor industry focused on Supercomputing, AI and networking.  During his 20+ year tech career, he has lead innovative product development to successes in a diversity of markets at Canadian startups and TSX and Silicon Valley public companies where he ran large strategic product management organizations across global operations. He has grown large businesses in Europe, Asia and North American starting from startup to building up to $110M annual revenue run rates. In industry leadership roles, he ran the High Performance Computing Group in the Open Compute Project started by Facebook to create open industry computing platforms for low latency workloads . Devashish also served as an advisory board member of the CERN OpenLab. Devashish has a Masters in Elec Eng in Digital Signal Processing and an MBA in marketing both from the University of Ottawa along with a BEng from Royal Military College in Elec Eng and is a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  

Dev is a 31xIronman triathlon finisher, coached masters athletes to 100+ finishes, and raced for Canada in 10 world championships as well as a former coach for 14 years in Kanata Nordic Ski club. When not at BluWave-ai he is usually found training at the pool to improve his 200 butterfly for masters nationals swimming competiton.

Hubert Sugeng

Director of Engineering