The vision of BluWave-ai is to optimize how our planet uses energy by applying artificial intelligence to the big computing problem created by the 2-way energy internet. Our products enable optimized renewable sources for users such as large enterprises, electricity distribution operators, private microgrids (such as at campuses and hospitals), and off-grid rural communities.

The origins of BluWave-ai goes back to 2013 when key members in the founding group were driving innovations in Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence in open industry settings such at the Open Compute Project along with their research in complex distributed systems and Edge computing at the dawn of the 5G era.  Our team of  international innovators from the  areas of Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputing, Cloud and Energy markets are leveraging their collective experience to disrupt the direction of renewable energy usage globally.

Our mission is to modernize the smart grid with distributed artificial intelligence solutions. We enable large renewable energy savings in smart grids, by helping utilities to go to clean sources that are 44% cheaper than fossil fuel sources.  We do so  by applying cutting edge FPGA and GPU enabled artificial intelligence to manage smart meter sensors and distributed clean energy sources in real time.

We dramatically improve renewable energy utilization and enable vehicle or storage to the grid energy delivery with advanced machine intelligence leveraging Edge computing and hyperscale cloud bases accelerated SaaS.

Our target markets cover the large electricity distributors around the world, solar array providers, wind turbine operators, as well as campus and residential scale micro grid renewable energy operators  all over the world in  Canada, Brazil, India, Europe, USA, China, Africa, and South America.

BluWave-ai is in early stage company which has closed an initial Angel investment round that is allowing us to work with key utility partners, cloud computing providers, governments and research labs with early product releases. We are open to adding new investor partners building towards our Series A round. Please contact us at [email protected]

We are always looking to enhance our team with all star innovators coming from the areas of AI, smartrgids, and renewable energy management: [email protected]

About Us

Artificial intelligence for renewable energy smart grids